Dreamtoys® Glassworks

Lemon Drops Candy Pyrex® Glass Pleasure Object


Dreamtoys® Glassworks
Lemon Drops Pyrex® Glass Pleasure Object

Release Date: Oct 14, 2009

A crystal clear cone shaped glass dildo with lemon nubs strategically placed on the shaft. The sturdy torque handle gives ultimate control to twist and turn, making your partner beg for mercy or more....

Model #: 129898232
Material: Pyrex Glass

Each piece of DreamToys glass is shipped in a decorative satin lined box for the easy and safe storage of your precious new toy!

Dimensions & Details

Model # 1011206

Length: 8.1 inches/20.5 cm
Max Width: 1.9 inches/4.8 cm
Min Width: 0.4 inches/1 cm
Weight: 8.8 ozs/249 grams

Glassworks Features


• Hypoallergenic
• Retains temperature
• All Lubricant Friendly
• Lasts Forever
• Seemless Toy
• Sylish Designs
• Lifetime Warranty
• Great Price Margins
• Elegant Storage Box
• Easy to clean & store
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Special thanks to our friends at Lovedreamer.com for allowing us to use their featured video review clips. You will find all of our products for sale online at this and many other fine adult boutiques and consumer trade shows.


You Break It ? We Replace It (Lifetime Warranty)

Each DreamGlass piece comes with our exclusive LIFETIME full replacement warranty. If you chip, crack, break or render your item useless in any way we are happy to offer you a one-time full replacement of your unit. Simply ship the broken piece back to us or provide us with a digital photo and we will replace it with the same or similar in-stock style. * Please bear in mind, however, that shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility and proof of purchase is necessary. Please see our returns page for further information on how to process a return. You can also contact us by email at info@dream-toys.ca or by phone at 416-238-1362 to arrange your return.


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